We are here for you, from a place of love...

Men have long come up with questions that have floated around in the unanswered multiverse. 'The Men Inc.' is an attempt to build a community of brothers who would love to help a brother out!

Welcome to to 'The Men Inc'! Do not not be afraid. We are not here to overwhelm you with stuff. We are all about keeping it simple yet classy.

We are not preachers

“No man is bigger or smaller than the man next to him. All men deserve to know the sacred codes of fashion, lifestyle, grooming, soft skills and relationships.”

For us, it is all about sharing. We come from varied walks of life, each of us having seen struggle and pain first hand. Each of us has hustled and shoveled. Which is why we know what the answers of some questions mean.

You will not be judged

It is a shitty feeling when you are critiqued or bullied for your choices.”

We want to take away that cloud of judgement. Feel free to entrust us with even the smallest of questions. Feel free to ask us about the tiniest of doubts. We will try to be there, cause we come from a place of love.

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