The Coat Stand- A Gentleman's close friend : By Sushant Kumar

So you had a long tiring day at work with back-to-back important client meets for which you wore your favorite and go-to business suit or that favorite blazer and trouser combination.

Or maybe you returned home at 1 AM after attending one of those big fat Indian weddings after witnessing an 8 PM scheduled ‘Phoolon ki chaadar mein’ ceremony of the bride at 12 AM.

Of course, you went all decked up in your ‘wedding functions suit’. (We all have those fixed ones, don’t we?)

But now you understandably feel way too tired and lazy to pull that broad shoulder coat hanger out of your closet and fold your trouser onto a hanger to preserve the tailor’s crease.

You just want to get into your boxers and hit the bed. (Maybe just brush and put on your night cream before doing so)

So that’s where our friend -