How to use your 'Tool'! | Makeup tutorial for men

Model and actor Dinesh Mohan attempts to bust the myth that surrounds makeup for men as he takes us through a basic makeup tutorial using his preferred concealer, highlighter, touch up cream and hair/moustache products.

As a Huffpost article describes the phenomenon: "There is a need to educate men on how to properly use makeup in a way that suits them. From a young age, many women learn that makeup is just a part of life, but most men aren’t taught that lesson. Ease of use is also important, especially for the low-maintenance guys out there.

"Men should hop on the makeup bandwagon because it lets you put your best face forward. It can give you self-confidence if you have an important event, like how one needs it needed it for a prom, for a meeting, or a date. Men who don’t already use anything should try it out. It can correct an issue or enhance features in your face ― but also promotes overall awareness to taking care of your skin at any age." (Link to the article: