4 White Sneakers under INR 2500: by Abhik Chatterjee

I will plead guilty at the very outset, gentlemen. I am a white sneaker-head. I love them to bits. And I own a fair number of them. White sneakers are versatile. You can wear them with denims, with chinos, with shorts and nowadays even with suits in some cases. I know some of you will moan about the fact that they need to be cleaned and maintained often but hey...nothing good comes easy!

But the fact remains that good quality white sneakers are a bit on the expensive side. Worry not my brothers! I have created a list of whites that will look stylish and sleek and at the same time not bother your pocket that much.

And oh!

Repeat after me: "Whites are nice!"

1. Puma Unisex White Sneakers - Amazon Green

Personally, I am a bit of a Puma fan, mainly because of the price and the value for money. I have owned this pair before and I have found them to be simple and classy with a hint of personality because of the Amazon Green Puma logo running across the sides. It goes perfectly well with a blue/black/grey denim and definitely should be one of the leading contenders for your shoe rack.

Available for INR 2,159

Click below to buy it on Amazon :

2. US Polo Men's Clarkin Sneakers

Red and Navy are always classic colors when it comes to making a statement. This particular pair will go well with your denims as well as your chinos. US Polo delivers some decently manufactured products which makes your copping this pair worthwhile!

Available for INR 2099

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3. Converse Unisex Optical White Sneakers

Ah! Converse! Brings back memories of college doesn't it? Well, do not feel old. It is still a very handy fashion accessory that complements denims and well fitted t-shirts. A word of advice- Take very good care of these and clean them often. The more you take care of them, the better they will look!

Available for INR 1884

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4. Red Tape Men's White Sneakers

The chunky white sneakers are back in fashion. Team them up with your favorite pair of jeans and they will definitely make heads turn. I personally love minimalistic chunky sneakers and this particular model from Red Tape, caught my attention!

Available for INR 1648

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