4 things men need to know about CONSENT!

"Consent" is important! It is the cornerstone for any relationship that you want to embark on...

'Consent' is a word that needs to be understood and explained to everybody on planet earth. Abhik Chatterjee from 'The Men Inc.' will take you through the following layers:

1. Consent before touching someone

2. Consent before using someone's personal property

3. Consent before dirty texting

4. Consent before sex

After the #MeToo movement that shook the world last year, along with multiple cases of sexual assault and harassment plaguing our society, we need to look at this from the root level up. What is #Consent, how is it obtained and when is it valid? From accepting and respecting a No to looking for an enthusiastic Yes!! and everything in between - men need to watch what's been said in this video.