It all started on the toilet pot, just like all stunning ideas that change the world. Being a man is tough in today's world. So is being a woman. Since our expertise is limited to men, we thought of sharing it with you.  Actually, the word 'expertise' is too judgemental. 'Experience' is the right word. We have a decent amount of it.

We know you want to dress well. We know you want to look elite. We know you want to smell good. We know you want to know your Tissots from your Hublots. We also happen to know you want to speak to impress your partner. We know for sure that you want a polished lifestyle. We can vouch for the fact that you want flip your hair like Trudeau and blow everyone away at your work meetings.

Think of us as a group of men, endeavoring to bring you what you want to know. We come from different walks of life and we want to cut out the riff-raff and give you the best advice.

Oh! And we also want you to be part of our family. Join us and take a look around. You might find something to pique your interest!